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    How To Send An Email For BFCM With Privy Email

    By Daniel J. Murphy
    1 minute read

    BFCM-Email-How-ToThousands of Privy customers will send their BFCM offers this weekend using Privy Email.

    In fact, we could see over 100 million emails sent by our customers this month.

    With so many customers sending email this weekend, we want to make it really easy on anyone sending with Privy for the first time.

    So here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of using Privy Email to send your BFCM offer:



    One other thing to note: If you are planning on using Privy Email for the first time and you haven’t yet uploaded your contacts into Privy, do not wait. We require a compliance review of your contacts to ensure high deliverability and that takes 1-2 business days. Upload today.

    And by the way - you can use Privy Email for more than just sending out offers to your email list.

    For instance, BFCM weekend is when you’ll see the highest amount of abandoned carts – on average over 80%!

    You can also set up a Cart Abandonment email sequence in Privy to automatically email people that abandoned their carts to remind them to complete their purchase.

    SELL MORE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON  Start your free trial today

    Once you set this sequence to live, it’ll work for you all weekend to recover sales you would have lost.

    Good luck this weekend. And remember we’re here to help.

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