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Beyond Black Friday: 3 Ways to Drive Repeat Visitors to Your Site

By Privy Academy
4 minute read

It’s nothing new that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge opportunities for your business. Consumers spent $3.5 billion on Cyber Monday alone last year, an all-time record, and this year should see even higher numbers.

We can all agree that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are really, really important. But they’re just the beginning of the holiday season. Before the big weekend, start to think about how you’ll bring back your new customers and convince them to buy gifts not just for one person, but for their family and friends (and hey, maybe they’ll treat themselves in the process).

In this post, we’ll walk through our strategies for driving repeat visitors to your website throughout the holiday season so you’ll be successful beyond the big weekend.

1. Create an Incredible First Experience

The first step toward driving repeat users? Providing a positive experience for them in the first place. Now is a great time to:

  • Double check your website for speed

  • Comb through your product descriptions and pages for any typos

  • Make sure your images are all high quality

  • Double check critical links, especially those on the navigation bar, to make sure they’re working

  • Streamline your checkout process

Once your website is squeaky clean, think through what campaigns you’ll run. This is where audience targeting really comes in handy. Create separate campaigns targeted toward your mobile users to make their experience seamless or plan a specific campaign on your product pages to push your users to buy.

You can also think about putting together different campaigns based on where a person is coming to your site. For instance, if someone clicks on an Instagram ad you’re running, you can use audience targeting to create a specific campaign for any users coming from Instagram so that the messaging and imagery is consistent between channels. The more targeted you make your campaigns, the more likely you’re providing a relevant, helpful experience for your users—one that will encourage them to return in the future.

2. Use the Power of Email to Draw Them Back In

Once someone has given you their email address, you’re able to drive them back in using targeted emails.


One easy way to do this is to set up an autoresponder tied to your campaign. An autoresponder is an automated follow-up email sent to anyone who has signed up through a particular campaign.

This simple technique is so often overlooked, but it helps jumpstart the relationship between you and your subscriber or customer. You already know they’re interested in what you sell; now’s the chance to turn interest into a purchase.

An autoresponder should:

  • Confirm that their submission worked and that they’re now subscribed to their email list. This is also where you’ll want to set expectations on how often you’ll communicate with them.

  • Send the same offer, coupon code, or content piece that they signed up for as a more permanent version of that information. This is especially critical for Black Friday, as shoppers may be visiting multiple online stores before making their decision to buy.

  • Create a positive brand impression. Email is a personal, 1-to-1 medium, so treat it like one. Here’s your chance to start a conversation and make it a little more personal, instead of just a transaction.

Email Series

But don’t stop at autoresponders. Automating a series of emails can be a very powerful way to drive purchases with much less effort than a full-blown email marketing program. In fact, companies using marketing automation see 53% higher conversion rates than non-users according to consulting firm the Aberdeen Group.

Map out a series of emails to welcome your new subscriber throughout the holiday season. That could take the form of:

  • A general series of welcome emails designed to get your subscriber familiar with your products and your brand.

  • A set of reminders for your visitor to use their coupon or offer. You’ll want to make sure this ends once the coupon is redeemed, though.

  • A set of welcome emails with related content or more information about your brand to warm subscribers up to a purchase.

3. Build Retargeting Ads Based on Past Purchases

Building retargeting ads are another really powerful way to drive repeat visitors. All that means is you’re using the detailed targeting capabilities of an advertising medium to specifically target visitors who have already been to your site when you show an ad, instead of to everyone. With all of these visitors coming to your site, using retargeting ads means you can remind past visitors of what you do and how awesome you are while they travel around the web to bring them back to your site.

Just as you would with our on-site campaigns, build a variety of advertising messages tailored toward your different kinds of past visitors. Remember that for the holidays, you’re probably targeting gift-givers, not necessarily your typical customer. Some ideas might be:

  • An ad to past visitors of a specific product page about that product

  • An ad to past visitors to your blog promoting a new piece of content

  • An ad to past visitors promoting your limited time offers for the holidays to increase a sense of urgency

Then, build corresponding campaigns to match those messages once those people land on your website. You can do this through specific landing pages or through audience targeting for your pop ups.



 Get Ready for Black Friday and Beyond

Black Friday and Cyber Monday don’t occur in a vacuum, so don’t treat it as such. Instead, wrap the weekend into a broader strategy for the holiday season. 

If you’d like a full lesson on how to get ready for everything you should think about for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond, we’re hosting a 30-minute webinar Wednesday, November 8 at 1:30 PM ET.


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