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Privy Product Roundup: What’s New in August

By Josh Mendelsohn
1 minute read

With Summer close to wrapping up, we’ve got a bunch of updates to the Privy platform to make your Autumn even more productive as you prepare for the holiday season. 

This month we’ve got five great updates with more coming in September!

Missed our last update? Check it out here.

  1. Smile.io integration (Beta): If you’re a Smile customer, you can now grow your email list by incentivizing members to sign up with Smile rewards. You can also use member attributes to personalize emails, create email segments, and target your on-site Privy displays. Learn more.
  2. Custom field display targeting (Beta): If you’re on our Growth or Enterprise plans, you can now use the information you have captured from your contacts via custom fields as a targeting criteria for your on-site displays. Read more.

  3. Full screen pop ups in one click: Looking for a full screen takeover? You can take any pop up and make it full screen just by clicking a checkbox in the background section of the pop up designer.

    Full Screen
  4. More locations for floating tabs: You can now choose to have floating tabs at the top or bottom and left or right of your website to give you more control of your visitors’ experience.

  5. Rotated side tabs: If you’re using tabs in your display campaigns that are positioned at the left or right of the screen, those tabs are now rotated to show vertically instead of horizontally so that they cover less of your website. You can check out all of your new tab options in the design step of the display campaign creation process.
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