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Introducing the Integration!


Today we’re super excited to announce our new integration with, the top rewards program provider for merchants using Shopify, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce.

This two-way integration is the first of its kind for Privy, allowing you to take your personalization to the next level by targeting your display campaigns and one-time emails based on rewards program members’ attributes like program level, current points and more.

Smile Display TargetingHere are four great ways to use this integration:

  1. Target your on-site offers and promotions based on Smile attributes
  2. Grow, sync & reward your email list
  3. Build email segments based on Smile attributes
  4. Personalize your one-time emails from Privy with Smile properties

Learn more about how to personalize your store with the Privy Smile App by clicking the link below.

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