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Introducing Privy Recipes: A Simpler Way to Build Display Campaigns

By Josh Mendelsohn
1 minute read

We’re thrilled to announce a new, better way to build your display campaigns with Privy. Instead of forcing you to start from scratch, we’ve taken some of the best practices we’ve learned from working with over 250,000 businesses to give you a more defined starting point for high converting pop ups, fly outs, and more.

That means each of our display recipes comes with pre-set triggers and targeting rules, a recommended design template, and more time get you deeper into the creation process.

How it works:

When you click “create new campaign” you’ll be show our recipe book where you can choose from a number of pre-built campaigns or decide to create your own from scratch.


After you choose your recipe, you’ll see your options where you can attach a discount from the coupons section of your Privy account, edit any of the triggers and targeting presets, and move to the design step.


Once you’re in the display builder, you can change any of the design elements or use the existing template as is. It’s up to you!


Then either publish or customize your display campaign further by setting up your automation rules like email sync, and editing and enabling your email autoresponder.


The first two recipes:

Today we’ve launched our first two recipes, a welcome discount and a mobile discount. Over the next few weeks and months and we’ll be adding more and more recipes like basic cart savers, more sign up displays without a discount, exit intent pop ups with discounts, and advanced cart savers.

Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions on the new recipe builder? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you shortly!

Start Cooking

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