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    Introducing Privy Convert’s Free Shipping Bar – Increase Your Average Order Value (Without Paying For Another Shopify App)

    By Connor Gross
    2 minute read

    FreeShippingBar_2100 million people pay $119 a year for Amazon Prime. 

    Why? Two words.

    Free shipping.

    That's almost a third of the US population!

    Now everyone wants free shipping so badly they are willing to spend more money just to get it. 

    And not just on Amazon, but your website too. Free shipping is a huge opportunity for you (so I guess you can thank Amazon for something)

    Because small ecommerce brands like yours are using a free shipping offer to increase their average order value. 

    That’s why today we’re introducing Privy’s Free Shipping Bar

    Oh and it’s included in your Privy Convert plan. Doesn’t matter if you’re using a paid plan or our free one. Which means one less app you’ll have to pay for every month. 

    How Free Shipping Bar Works


    It’s extremely easy to set up. You chose the amount you’re willing to offer free shipping for. Let’s call it $100.

    Then a banner is displayed at the top of your site.

    “Want Free Shipping? Privy Shop is offering free shipping for any orders over $100!”

    Every time a customer adds a product to their cart, that message updates to reflect how much more they would have to spend to qualify for free shipping.

    Adding a $75 bottle of wine? “Only $25 left until you get free shipping!”

    Once the customer passes that dollar amount, the banner will prompt them to check out and complete their order.

    image (1)-2

    Here's a video so you can see it all in action.


    The fact is simple. It’s 2020. Buyers are shopping online more than ever, and they are expecting free shipping. 

    If You're Not Already Offering Free Shipping, Here's Why You Should Start

    We get it. Not everyone is selling products light enough for cheap shipping.

    Shipping can be expensive.

    So we let you choose the price to offer free shipping at. 

    Selling furniture? Offer free shipping at $600 and try to cross sell the night stands!

    Or you can only offer free shipping to certain site visitors.

    If you want to reward your best customers, now you can. Make the Free Shipping Bar only show when it’s their second order.

    Start selling more and stop losing customers from shipping cost surprises.

    Try Privy’s Free Shipping Bar today, free for all Privy convert customers.

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