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Introducing Broadcast Texts: Turn SMS Into A Top Sales Channel for Your Online Store


Take a peek at your email inbox. Now, look at your texts.

Which has more unread messages?

If you're anything like me, your texts are read 99% of the time...

But emails? You probably can't say the same.

And while email is a HUGE part of building a successful business (and it's not going anywhere), it's time to get started with text marketing for your store if you haven't already.

Because growing your store means thinking about new channels that can help drive even more sales.

And your customers are spending a lot of time on their phones. It also turns out many of them actually want to receive texts from brands they love. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Broadcast Texts as part of Privy Text.

To help you turn SMS into your top new revenue channel. 

Broadcast Texts are one-off messages that help you turn casual browsers into loyal customers with offers and promotions sent directly to their phones.


91% of consumers want to receive texts from brands they love

Yes, really. 91%. it’s no surprise that text messaging is one of the fastest growing sales channels in ecommerce.

And if you aren’t already texting your contacts, you’re leaving money on the table. Every. Single. Day.

People today are shopping with their phones more than ever.

And they aren’t just browsing. More than half of ecommerce sales in 2021 are expected to happen on a mobile device.

Broadcast Texts get you in front of your high-intent contacts instantly. 

With the right text messages, you’ll convert more sales from your contacts.

You might share limited time offers like Skull Candy…

Give an exclusive look at your latest products like Birdies....

Or even invite your contacts to your loyalty program like Cariuma.

Broadcast Texts give you the flexibility to send the right message, at the right time, to the right people.

It’s all about what works best for your business and your contacts.

The power of text messaging speaks for itself

90% of people open text messages within the first 3 minutes of sending, according to the Unofficial Shopify Podcast

It makes sense. Consumers do everything from watching their favorite shows to ordering their weekly groceries on their phones.

We spend most of our waking hours with our phones within reach, and we’re primed to open our text messages as soon as we see the notifications come through. 

That’s why, when combined with email, SMS helps deepen your subscribers’ relationship with your brand.

Email marketing lets you reach a large number of contacts to quickly and efficiently drive more revenue. 

Text messages enhance those efforts with simple, direct messages. 

Because text messages are meant to be direct and to the point, they’re a great way to create a sense of urgency around your most compelling offers and campaigns. 

So while you should definitely email your list about your 30% off sitewide sale, you can use tools like Broadcast Texts to remind your contacts that there are only 6 hours left to shop the sale. 

And that’s just one example of email and SMS working together to build trust and boost revenue for your ecommerce business.

From limited time offers, to product sneak peeks, to loyalty programs, there are so many opportunities to add Broadcast Texts to your playbook. 

When done right, you can make SMS the perfect complement to your email marketing.

How broadcast texts work

Good news: You can send your first Broadcast Text within minutes.

You’ll start with crafting your message content.

You can customize your messages and even add personalization variables like your contacts’ first names to make it feel like they’re texting a friend.

Next, you’ll decide who you want to receive your Broadcast Text.

Depending on the content of your message, you might send your text to all of your contacts...

Or you can segment your contact list based on attributes like "last order" or "total lifetime spend" to deliver the most relevant messages possible.

Once your content and audience are all set, the last step is to send now or schedule for later.

That’s part of the beauty of Broadcast Texts – they work with your schedule.

You can hit send as soon as you’re ready, or schedule them for a later time, whatever works best for you and your contacts. 

And now, even more good news.

Since Privy Text is part of our all-in-one ecommerce marketing platform, you have complete ownership over the experience. 

Your contacts and texts live within the same platform you’re already using to manage your onsite campaigns and emails. No toggling between lists and apps. 

Plus, compliance measures are built right in so you don’t have to worry about spamming your contacts. 

Here’s a video where you can see it all in action.


Turn SMS into your top revenue channel this holiday season

SMS is a top sales channel for thousands of online brands. 

It can be a top channel for your brand, too, with perfectly timed messages that share exclusive offers with your contacts. 

If you’re already using Privy Text, you can start sending Broadcast Texts to your textable contact list today.

And if you’ve been thinking about getting started with SMS for your brand, now’s the perfect time to take the next step. 

With Black Friday/Cyber Monday quickly approaching, you can start building your textable contact list today with Privy Text

Because the first step to success with SMS is getting your contacts to opt in to your text messages.

Once you add Privy Text to your toolkit, you can build your text subscriber list instantly using emails and website displays.

Check out how this play works in the video below.



Follow the tips in the video and the phone numbers will be flowing in before you know it.

And when Black Friday/Cyber Monday rolls around, you’ll already have an engaged list to text your offers to and drive more sales this holiday season.

You can enable all Privy Text has to offer, including Broadcast Texts, by signing up today for just $10/month.

Set up takes just a few minutes and soon enough you’ll be on your way to turning SMS into a top sales channel for your store.

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Written by Jess Iocca

Jess joins Privy after completing her MBA at Boston University, where she specialized in marketing and social impact. She loves introducing her family and friends to small businesses and emerging brands, and is thrilled to put that passion to work at Privy. Outside of work, you can find Jess organizing her virtual book club and exploring new restaurants. Jess lives in Boston with her husband and their cat, Phoebe.

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