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How Outer Aisle Used Privy To Have Their Biggest Sales Day Ever (Without Spending A Penny)


You’ve probably already heard all the ways you can use Privy to build your email list.

But a couple weeks ago, we heard from a customer about a unique use case.

Launching a new product.

Outer Aisle recently launched a brand new product and used Privy to have their #1 sales day ever.

Here’s the email we got from their CMO, Vasa Martinez, on launch day:

Vasa is the founder of Growthbuster –  an online marketing agency that works with growing ecommerce brands as well as the CMO of Outer Aisle, a food brand that sells low carb bread products made from fresh cauliflower.

When Outer Aisle decided to launch their new Everything Sandwich Thins, he knew they should build demand for the product before they even launched.

So Vasa went to work and created a launch strategy using Privy.

The Strategy: An unconventional cross-sell campaign 

Using our cross-sell campaign, Vasa built a display to capture shoppers’ attention before they finished checking out.

These campaigns are used to boost average order values on a Shopify store, but Vasa cleverly redesigned the campaign to target high-intent customers with over $1 in their carts.

Here’s what the campaign looked like:

This design includes 3 critical components that you can steal:

  1. Simple headline – Mark your calendars let’s customers quickly know there is a date they should be looking out for.

  2. Teased the product – Including a photo of the new product with a bunch of ???, Vasa sparked curiosity from Outer Aisle customers.

  3. Drove urgency – Including the words “Limited Quantity” helps drive urgency from customers that don’t want to miss out.

Once the design was built, Vasa needed a way to get customers’ attention on launch day. So he created 2 options:

  1. Get notified with text –  Privy Convert is a powerful tool to capture and store phone numbers. Once launch day came, Vasa used the phone numbers he captured in Privy to deliver an SMS broadcast by integrating Privy with Postscript.

  2. Send a calendar invite – what do people check almost as much as their emails? Their calendar! Vasa recognized this and used it to add a calendar invite for the launch day to remind customers to check the site.

The Results

List Growth: How it boosted their text list

Before the launch even happened, Vasa knew the campaign would be a huge success.

That’s because during the 4 weeks leading up to the campaign, Vasa grew Outer Aisle’s text subscriber list by 40%.

Now for all future product releases, restocks and flash sales, Vasa has another channel to reach out to his customers.

The exact emails that went out

Vasa let the campaign run for 4 weeks and got over 3,000 RSVPs on the Privy Cross-Sell campaign.

During that time, he also sent out 2 emails to customers.

First Email: The day before launch, Vasa sent an email reminding their customer base about the launch tomorrow. Here’s what that email looked like:

And then Vasa sent this second email on launch day (yes we are salivating too).

Sales results: hitting a record in 5 hours

Through the efforts of this campaign, Outer Aisle had 3,000 RSVPs to their new product launch.

And when launch day hit, 25% of those who RSVPd came on to Outer Aisle’s store and helped them hit their record sales day in 5 hours.

By the end of the day, Outer Aisle crushed their previous record by over 25%. And that was only for pre-orders of the new product!

Here’s a breakdown of where the sales came from:

46% from email marketing

54% from RSVP’s who had the calendar invite or text message opt-in

And guess how much the whole thing cost?


This shows the power of a pre-launch campaign and using channels like email, text, and even calendar invites to drive sales.

Final Thoughts

Black Friday is coming. So if you are launching a new product soon, or just looking for an excuse to build your customer list, Privy can help. Sign up today for a free 15-day trial (no credit card required) to hit your record sales day just like Vasa.

Oh, and if this post is making you hungry, go to yourself to some everything sandwhich thins!

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Written by Connor Gross

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