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How Omnichannel Campaigns Can Increase Buyer Engagement


Today’s ecommerce buyers are all over the place — liking posts on social, reading emails, browsing ecommerce sites, searching for products on Google, and much more.

But is your brand everywhere your buyers are?

You likely have an active social media page, a great ecommerce site, and some solid paid ads. But there’s a big difference between simply being on a channel and creating coordinated omnichannel marketing campaigns.

A personalized and targeted omnichannel campaign is far more effective than any generic email campaign. By coordinating the message across multiple platforms and tailoring it to your buyers, you can significantly increase the impact of your marketing by reaching buyers where they are, getting their attention, and increasing the likelihood they convert.

Still not sure? If you’re at all skeptical of all the hype around omnichannel marketing, here’s the proof you need that it’s worth the effort.

Omnichannel Shoppers are More Valuable

Omnichannel is a fact of life for today’s buyers. A staggering 73% of shoppers use multiple channels during their shopping journey. The standard path to purchase for an ecommerce product commonly flips between multiple channels and devices. Your buyers’ journey today likely looks something like this:

  • See an Instagram ad
  • Click through and browse an ecomm site on mobile
  • Leave the site without buying
  • See a retargeting ad and ignore it
  • Come back later on desktop
  • Read multiple product reviews
  • Make a purchase

This path seems complex, but it’s a good sign when your buyer is interacting so often with your brand. Not only are these omnichannel shoppers highly engaged, they’re also more valuable to you as a B2C marketer. Research shows that consumers who shop on multiple channels have a 30% higher lifetime value. So omnichannel isn’t just a cool option for your buyers -- but rather a serious revenue driver for your brand.

Get Higher Engagement Rates

For a long time, ecommerce marketers had to rely heavily on email lists to generate revenue. Email was the main way to communicate with buyers directly, and was easy to measure the direct impact of campaigns on your bottom line. However, the inbox has become incredibly crowded in recent years. Emailing your buyers a coupon every single day does not make it more likely they’ll convert -- in fact it’s the opposite. If you’re not careful, you can exhaust your email list, and your open and click-through rate will drop because of it.

This is exactly why omnichannel is so valuable. By spreading your marketing message out across channels, your buyers are less likely to get tired of hearing from you and more likely to click. For example, rich push notifications can have a click-through rate as high as 8.4%, compared to the 3.4% average CTR for email. And on Instagram and Facebook, you can get your cost-per-click down to as low as an average of $2 per click. And because you’re sending fewer emails, you’re less likely to overwhelm your existing list and can keep your engagement high over email as well.

Segment and Personalize Across Channels

Just creating campaigns across channels isn’t quite enough, however. A lot of marketers today say they’re doing “omnichannel”, but really, it’s the batch-and-blast equivalent of omnichannel. Just because you’re creating a campaign on multiple channels does not mean it’s fully optimized. The very best B2C brands are segmenting and personalizing their omnichannel campaigns so they resonate more powerfully with buyers and drive even higher engagement rates.

You already know that personalization is powerful for email marketing, and it’s also true for omnichannel campaigns. The challenge of achieving this type of campaign is really in the data. You have to be able to create and sync segments across platforms and channels, which can be difficult depending on your marketing platform. But if done well, you can create a winback campaign that your buyers see via email, paid ads, push notifications -- all personalized with the exact product line that the buyer is most likely to want.

Are You Ready for Omnichannel?

Want to start sending out personalized omnichannel campaigns? It’s not easy, but it is possible. If you’re convinced that omnichannel is vital for your B2C brand, it’s time to turn that dream into a reality.

headshot_Cara Hogan Zaius

Cara Hogan is the Content Strategist at Zaius, where she focuses on how technology can drive business growth. She is a grammar perfectionist, a data enthusiast, and a rock climber.


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