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    Facebook Shops Launch, Recess Ran Out Of Puzzles, And The DTC Brands Getting Into TV

    By Lauren Hall
    2 minute read

    KristinLafrance-01-1Is it Friday already??

    Don’t worry, we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week with a new Ecomm Noms episode launching Wednesday.

    But for now, Shopify is giving us plenty to talk about.

    Recess ran out of puzzles (same), so they started making clothing and objects. Recess realitywear is 💯 worth checking out. 

    And the falling costs for TV spots are letting DTC brands play in a game they usually wouldn’t. 

    Lively’s campaign drove 20 million new impressions to their site and has also boosted sales from email and SMS by 20%, week over week. 😱

    Seems like a decently successful campaign, huh?

    You can tune in above👆 on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or anywhere you get your podcasts.

    On this episode, you’ll hear about:

    • How Shopify and Facebook helping you spend more money 💸
    • Recess’ realitywear (it’s as cool as it sounds)
    • DTC brands testing the waters with TV

    What to listen for:

    • [1:07] What the Shopify x Facebook partnership actually means for consumers.
    • [3:09] The only way to pronounce GIF.
    • [7:29] Highlights from Shopify Reunite.
    • [9:51] Recess’ newest drop(s).
    • [12:22] The DTC brands coming to a TV near you.
    • [16:24] What the buyer journey actually looks like.

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