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How The Escape Game Uses Location Specific Pop Ups to Drive Sales

By Lauren Shepherd
3 minute read

We sat down with Max Magura, Marketing Manager for The Escape Game to discuss their unique business and the targeting methods they use to maximize audience engagement.

Tell me about your business! What do you sell and why is it awesome?

Max: The Escape Game is the #1 escape room company in the US. If you are unfamiliar with escape rooms, here’s how it works: you and your group of friends are locked in a room and have one hour to complete a mission and escape. We focus on giving guests a true immersive experience. For example, when you play our Mission: Mars room, it really feels like you are on a spaceship.

Do you remember your first sale?

Max: No, but I remember the first time we used Privy for sales. It was exciting to see how we could get a message to our audiences in a fast, easy way that was variable in length and didn’t require any changes to our website. We saw conversions that first day and started brainstorming ways to expand our usage of the platform.

How does Privy fit into the rest of your tech stack?

Max: Privy has been great for email capture, letting people know about new promotions, and directing people to our online store. We use the Privy integration with Shopify, but my favorite integration is the one with Emma, our email service provider. The connection between the two is great and has allowed me to build specialized automated emails for certain new email subscribers obtained through Privy.

What types of offers work best for you? What kinds of campaigns are you running on your site?

Max: Our best promotion has been bulk discounts for our gift cards during the holidays, which drove an average of 100 visits to our store per day. We primarily use Privy to drive people to call us to help with their booking experience, tell people about special promotions, or drive them to our online store. It’s a great tool to get quick messages out on the fly.

We recently started an email capture campaign with our "VIP" pop up. This is capturing a new audience who will be part of an upcoming project that will personalize the booking experience for customers.

We also utilize location specific campaigns in two different scenarios. The first is if the information is location specific, such as a closure, a location specific promotion, or if there is a button that directs to a phone number. The second is if the email is going to a location specific list in Emma. We keep location lists separate to better deliver messages that are most relevant to our audiences. I manage this by simply targeting specific URLs in the campaigns. For more general campaigns, such as directing consumers to our Shopify store, I will make one campaign and include all locations’ URLs in the campaign.

What kind of results are you seeing on your campaigns?

Max: For spin to win campaigns, our conversion ranged from 75-95%, which is incredible. Our email signup forms are currently ranging from 13-25%. Going back to the informational style that we are imploring, I think the best display type for us has been the fly out. It doesn’t take away from consumer’s regular web experience and can still offer plenty of info without being intrusive.

What types of email promotions do you find to be most effective?

Max: We are moving towards making our emails more specific to the game that you played. For example, if you play our Mission: Mars game versus our Prison Break game, the emails you receive will look different. We are trying to make the content as relevant to our audience as possible. We also send emails around birthdays, new game and location openings, special promotions, and fun content to keep our audience engaged.

Anything else you love about Privy you'd like to share?

Max: My favorite aspect of Privy is the ease of use for design and implementation into the website. Becoming familiar with the interface was quick and intuitive, allowing me to quickly roll out our first pop-up. From there, I have found new ways to design displays that give our online guests an experience that feels natural on our websites. My second favorite thing is the chat and support features from the Privy team. If I have problems with integrations, the platform, or just general questions the Privy team is happy to help and will work until getting me the answer I need. Also, shout out to the confetti on the Thank You pages, I love that!

Any advice to other entrepreneurs or other small businesses?

Max: My biggest advice to others is to be flexible and willing to turn perceived failures into opportunities. Things change constantly and you need to have the stamina and ability to go with the flow, the willingness to change your priorities on the fly, and always be modifying strategies to increase conversions. When things don’t work or go your way, take it as a learning experience...don’t dwell on it, pick your head up and keep grinding.

Looking to book a fun event with friends or coworkers? Check out one of The Escape Game’s 9 locations around the US. 

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