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Privy Product Roundup: February and March 2018

By Josh Mendelsohn
2 minute read

Over the last couple of months our product team has been busy exterminating bugs and responding to common feature requests that we think are a win for everyone.  Check out what’s new in Privy!

A/B Testing Enhancements: Forms, Offers, and More

With our latest update, users on our Growth and Enterprise plans can now run tests to determine the right number form fields and/or different which offers perform best. And you now can sync contacts to different lists based on which test variation they signed up for. Read more.

See Each User’s Privy Activity Feed

If you're on any of our paid feature plans you will now see a detailed activity feed for every contact who has signed up through one of your Privy forms. With the activity feed, you can see what campaigns they have signed up for, each session, emails they’ve received from your Privy account, what products they have viewed and orders they’ve placed (Shopify Only), and more.

Just visit the contacts tab and click on any contact to see their feed. 

Insert Multiple Coupon Codes into Spin to Win Campaigns

You can now insert multiple saved coupons into a Spin to Win campaign. That means you can choose from any of the the discounts on the coupons tab that you have already created for Shopify and BigCommerce stores.

To add a saved coupon,  go to the “configure wheel slices” section of your campaign, choose “saved coupon” and then pick the one you want.

Set Up Your Custom Sending Domain for Autoresponders and Other Emails

If you haven’t already set up your custom sending domain - the ability to send emails that come from your domain instead of ours - then it’s worth taking a few minutes today to get it done.

We’ve put together some simple step-by-step directions for you and if you need help, just hit us up at support@privy.com

Customize Your Sharing Icons

Through Privy’s integration with ShareThis you can now customize the social links you include on your displays and thank you pages. Choose which networks you want to share on, what page should be shared, and how the share links appear right from with the elements section of the display designer.

Import Mailable Contacts for Newsletters and Announcements

If you’ve built a list of contacts somewhere outside of Privy, you can now import that list and send newsletters and announcements to those subscribers with our email add-on. 

To do this, use the .csv import tool within Privy to upload your contacts. Our team will review your list and then send you a note to confirm that you are good to go. If you’re importing from Constant Contact or Mailchimp, you can actually do that automatically by clicking "Import from Linked Account" on the contacts tab.




Note: We can only import name and email address fields at this time and will not approve purchased lists. In addition, imported and approved contacts now count towards your scaling email pricing.

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