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Free Resources To Get Smart and Jumpstart Your Ecommerce Business

By Ben Jabbawy
3 minute read

Entrepreneurship is no easy business. It requires passion, grit, resilience and so much more. But there's no better time to start a business than today!

Here's a compilation of the free resources you can use to get smart about the ecommerce industry, track trends and learn how to market your ecommerce store.

These are the podcasts and guides we use internally to train team members, and reference for merchants looking to accelerate their businesses.


  • The Ecommerce Marketing Show Podcast – In a world where everyone is drowning in information, this podcast can be the one stop shop for everything you need to know about growing your ecommerce business in 2020 and beyond.
  • The Unofficial Shopify Podcast - Host Kurt Elster is a well renowned Shopify Expert. He brings on all sorts of vendors from the ecommerce space, as well as merchants small and large. Each episode tends to have a singular theme to focus on. 
  • Shopify Masters - This is the "official" podcast from Shopify. They do a great job bringing on merchants to tell they're getting started stories, first sale stories and more. Incredibly inspiring for those on the fence of getting started.
  • My Wife Quit Her Job - Host Steve Chou and his wife both quit their jobs to bootstrap different businesses. One is a very successful ecommerce store that sells linens. He brings on different bootstrapped business owners, shares tips, tricks, and tools for growing a 6 figure business online.
  • Ecommerce Fuel - This is a slightly more advanced podcast, focused on sites approaching or exceeding $100K in sales per year. But the content is fantastic for those even a bit smaller, to get a feel for how the scaling entrepreneurs are viewing the world.
  • Ecommerce Influence - Also a level 2 or 3 podcast, but fantastic content around conversion marketing for ecommerce sites.

Educational Guides:

  • 50 ways to make your first sale - These days, the time required to launch your site, and the cost, are approaching zero. Launching is step 1, but most ecommerce sites struggle to get their first sale. Here's a guide that should inspire some ideas on achieving that first milestone. 
  • Facebook advertising for ecommerce entreprenuers - If you're getting started, getting traffic to your site is the first key ingredient in getting the word out. Facebook ads and instagram ads can be a low cost way to experiment with doing just that. 
  • How to grow your ecommerce business with email marketing - Email remains a top 5 revenue source for ecommerce businesses. This guide walks through the basics for email marketing within your ecommerce business.
  • Ecommerce analytics for beginners - CRO, CTR, LAL. 1%, 10% and every other buzz word acronym make it hard to understand what metrics really matter for your ecommerce site. Start by digesting this quick guide. 
  • Privy academy - 98% of your site traffic leaves without converting. This is a series of educational posts that will introduce you to the concept of on-site conversions, email capture and more.
  • The ecommerce marketer's guide to better on-site targeting and conversions - Simply adding a popup might help conversions, but there's so much more to increasing on-site conversion rates. This is a level 2 guide that walks through how to create more relevant conversion opportunities based on key website visitor segments.


  • Shopify Entrepreneurs - A free community with over 70,000 members around the world. The group is a fantastic place to ask any question you may have, small or large, and also to connect with other entrepreneurs all over the world at the same stage as you. 
  • Ecommerce Fuel - are you approaching $100K in annual sales? If so you can apply to be a part of this great community. Members discuss vendors, marketing and challenges of scaling their ecommerce startups.


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