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    Why You Should Always Use an Autoresponder Email with Discounts

    By Kayla Lewkowicz
    4 minute read

    You’ve come up with your business offer, determined your targeting, and created your on-site campaign. But once you’ve done all that hard work, you’re still missing one more piece of the puzzle: The Autoresponder email.

    Whether you send an autoresponder email with Privy or with another email service provider, it’s a critical but often overlooked component of a great campaign. But it’s especially important when you’re putting together a discount offer.

    Reason #1: Instantly fulfill your offer.

    The most important reason send an autoresponder goes back to human nature. Humans are a forgetful bunch, and even if someone receives a code on the thank you page, it’s easy to forget what it is it by the time they get to check out.

    Because of this, it’s important to keep your discount codes simple and easy to remember. Codes like “THANKS,” “SPRING20,” and “20OFF” are all short, simple, and easy to remember.

    If you want to be a brand that’s about action, not just promises, then adding an autoresponder ensures that every person who exchanges an email for a discount code actually receives the code. You’ll have fulfilled your end of the bargain.

    Reason #2: Confirm the submission worked.

    When a visitor to your site exchanges your email address for a valuable piece of information like a discount code, then they will want to be confident that it worked. Don’t leave your new subscriber hanging! Any kind of confusion or doubt will only make them less likely to purchase.

    Reason #3: Create a permanent version of the offer.

    Sometimes, even with a discount, your visitor might not be ready to buy at this moment. Or maybe they got distracted. Regardless of the reason, having a permanent record of your discount code makes it easy for them to come back in the next few hours or days.

    Don’t worry if your code is time-sensitive. An autoresponder is a great way to remind potential customers that they only have a certain amount of time to use the discount.

    Reason #4: Take the opportunity to introduce your brand.

    It’s your time to shine! By sending an autoresponder, you have the opportunity to introduce your brand: Who you are, what you do, and why people should care about you. It’s a great place to add a more human element to your business, especially if you’re a small team or one-person show.

    Reason #5: Start a long-term relationship.

    While a discount may get someone in the door, the autoresponder is the right way to kick off a long-term relationship with a brand. As we mentioned in Reason #4, it’s your opportunity to introduce yourself; more importantly, it’s your opportunity to turn a visitor who wanted to save a buck into a loyal follower or advocate for your brand.

    This might not happen right away. But your first email to them is that first step in a series of connections—emails, social media posts, and more—that build the foundation for additional purchases and brand loyalty.

    Reason #6: Learn more about your visitors.

    Your autoresponder won’t be the whole reason why someone uses an offer, but it can be a great chance to learn more about your visitors. What kind of language do they respond to? Is this a relevant offer for them? Do they care about what you have to say?

    You can learn the answers to these questions a few different ways: By asking them a direct question in their autoresponder (or follow up series) message, by A/B testing the offer on the site, and by looking at your metrics—opens, clicks, and coupon redemptions—to see if, by proxy, your visitors care.

    Reason #7: Get your visitors to come back.

    Even if someone signed up and received a discount code, they might not be currently on your website. Or if you used a discount in your exit intent, then they’re definitely no longer browsing. Including your discount again in an email reminds them why they came to your site in the first place—and might just get them to come back and make a purchase.

    No matter what, make sure you include a link back to your store or feature your most popular products as part of your email.

    Now that you know why it’s important, here’s how to create one in Privy:

    How to Create an Autoresponder in Privy

    Navigate to the emails tab in your campaign.

    You’ll notice there’s already a default autoresponder ready for you in any of your campaigns—and it’s super easy to make it your own. Start by clicking on the autoresponder name to start editing the email.

    Edit the email using our drag and drop editor or our HTML editor, whichever you are more comfortable with.


     Drag and drop editor Drag and drop editor



     Code editor Code editor


    You’ll want to include:

    • A message thanking them for signing up

    • The coupon code or content link front and center, since that’s why they signed up in the first place

    • A bit about your brand and what you do or how you got started

    • A little bit about your email lists, what to expect, and other ways to connect with your brand

    Don’t forget to edit your subject line! You’ll want to make sure to welcome new sign ups and include information about your discount.

    Hit “save” and then toggle the email to “Publish” once you’re ready for it to go live. Autoresponders will be immediately sent to anyone who signs up for your campaign.

    Add an Autoresponder to Your Next Campaign

    Autoresponders are an easy way to make a huge impact on your next campaign. Log in today to try it for yourself!

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