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Whiteboard Wednesday: How to Make a Welcome Email

By Kayla Lewkowicz
2 minute read

Hey everyone! On this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, we’re going through one of the most powerful tools in your Privy arsenal: The Welcome Email. Watch below or keep reading to get a full transcript:

Whiteboard Wednesday | How to Make a Welcome Email



You probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to grow your email list and build relationships with new people. But once you have a person’s email address, what do you do? Enter the welcome email.

First, what is a welcome email? This is an email you can automatically send through Privy or another email service provider as soon as someone subscribes to  your list. Since this is the first time you’ll be emailing them, it’s important to start the relationship on the right foot.

Let’s break down some of the key elements. Let’s pretend I run a snack subscription box business. I’d want to welcome my new subscribers with:

  • A clear subject line. The best subject lines keep it short and sweet with a welcome theme, like “Welcome to SnackBox! Here’s 10% off your first order.”

  • Making sure you fulfill your original request. In this case, I want to send them the coupon code they signed up for and a quick note on how they got onto my email list.

  • An introduction to your brand. Make sure you actually say who you are and what your brand does and what your subscriber can expect by being on your list. In my case, I’d probably want to include some product images of our snacks, a story on how I started such a cool business, and a note on how the snacks are sustainable, healthy, and delicious.
  • One specific call to action. Welcome emails are best done super short and sweet, so pick one action, like logging in or returning to your site. For my subscription box company, I’d want to push people back to the website to order the first box if they haven’t already, or maybe to social media to tell the world how excited they are about their box if they’ve already ordered.

Since you don’t want to overwhelm your subscriber for their first email, it’s a good idea to create a more targeted message based on how the subscriber signed up.

Take it Up a Level

You can do this by employing the same kind of segmentation and targeting that you already are using on your on-site conversions. So, if you have a specific campaign for Instagram users that come to your site for the first time, create a specific welcome email for anyone who signs up through that campaign and call out the same messaging or imagery in the email.

Let’s go back to my fake SnackBox company. Let’s pretend we were recently featured in a big online publication since we include a lot of super trendy snacks in our box. To make the most of that PR hit, I’d want to set up a specific on-site campaign based on the referring site, which is easy to do in Privy. Then, I’d want to reference some of the content in that publication, like the specific snacks they featured, in the welcome email, so that I provide a consistent experience across multiple channels.

While it sounds complicated, all it takes is a little planning. That way, you’re providing a contextual experience throughout the funnel and making sure it’s a consistent touchpoint for that new user. They’ll know who you are and what value you bring much faster.

Now it’s your turn! You can roll out the welcome mat to your new subscribers easily by connecting your welcome emails or a whole series to your Privy campaigns.

Log in and try it out for yourself!

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