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Getting a Hole-in-One For Your Business Model with Tyler from Bombtech Golf

We sat down with Tyler Sullivan from Bombtech Golf about starting and growing his business, engaging with customers at scale, and marketing his business exclusively online.

Tell me about your business! What do you sell and why is it awesome?

I sell golf clubs direct-to-consumer. The way our model works is a combination of manufacturing our own brand and disrupting original sales models that involve sponsoring pros and selling in retail. The end result is that our customer receives performance and value.

Our team is super lean, with only three in-house full time employees. I personally work around 15-20 hours a week on the business. Basically, our team breaks down to:

  • Video Editor

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Business Manager

  • Ads Specialist

  • Fulfillment Center

What inspired you to start Bombtech Golf?

I started it as a passion project as I was obsessed with golf. I had no intentions of growing it to the size it is today!

Do you remember your first sale?

I remember when I first realized that this was something really worth pursuing. I was sailing on my boat (before you picture me reclining on a luxury yacht, don’t!) And a sale came in. The concept of making money while doing something is else was mind boggling and inspiring.

This year, we’ll do $6M in revenue and I’m blown away by that response. We’ve been growing at 50-100% each year.

How do you go about marketing your business?

100 percent of our marketing is done online. We drive a lot of business from Facebook, our group, and email. Our main focus is on engaging with our customers and potential customers at scale.

And we generate authentic content and have built a loyal audience by offering outstanding customer service and doing whatever it takes to make a customer happy.

What types of offers work best for you?

Our price points are typically so competitive we can sell without discounting, so we use coupons when we need to and prefer bundling to increase perceived value.

What else besides Privy is in your tech stack?

Not much besides Privy! We use BigCommerce for our website, Klaviyo for email, and In Stock Notify for our merchandise.

What are some of your biggest business or marketing challenges?

Trying to be patient with such incredible growth! We are growing at an insane rate and always want to raise the bar. We are fortunate to have sold over 150,000 clubs and hope to break eight figures next year!

Advice to other entrepreneurs or small businesses?

Keep it simple. If your offer isn't right, nothing else works.

You won’t need a mulligan to enjoy these products. Head to the 18th green to see Bombtech Golf’s selection of golf clubs.


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