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May 2017 Upgrades to the Privy popup designer

By Ben Jabbawy
1 minute read

We get it. For many users, Privy becomes an extension of your brand. So customizing every nook and cranny of your overlays to match the look and feel of your brand is crucial. We're excited to release several huge improvements to the Privy designer. And, in addition to those listed below, you can expect continued enhancements to unlock advanced design techniques for power users.

Check out today's major updates:

Transparent backgrounds in popup formats

This lets you lean on the overlay color and opacity to create a truly "full screen" overlay experience. This is a very sleek look showcasing your message front and center while letting some of your site styling to shine through the background.

Circular backgrounds in popup formats

Sometimes you can't fit a "round peg into a square hole". Or is it, you can't fit a "square peg into a round hole"? Anyways, you get the point. Sometimes you need flexibility around the shape of your overlay. Now, in addition to rectangles, squares and full screen take overs, you can now convert to a circular or oval background shape. 

Font consistency for the form and button elements

Brand consistency doesn't just mean colors and headline font. It means that every letter of text is designated purposefully to match a specific style. Now you can easily set the form input text fonts, and button fonts to be fully consistent with your needs. Comic Sans fans rejoice!

These changes are all available today, on all plan levels, including the free plan.

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