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Five Reasons NOT to Have Pop-ups on Your Website (De-bunked)

By Josh Mendelsohn
1 minute read

As a marketer, I keep a pretty close eye on the latest trends and technologies that can help me and my company be more successful. But sometimes I see people just missing opportunities and it makes me sad.  Seriously, it does. So lately I have been wondering why so many sites I visit don’t have some sort of pop-up to turn visitors into contacts and customers. Here are some of the reasons I’ve heard… and why I think they are more than a little silly.

  1. Someone once said (maybe it was you) that they are annoying. Sure, the overly aggressive use of pop-ups can turn off potential customers. But the reason they are becoming more and more prevalent is simply because they work. Every month, Privy forms collect millions of new email addresses and help drive millions in ecommerce checkouts. And by targeting your message based on what you know about the customer (source, # of visits, location, etc.) you can deliver the right message at the right time to help them accomplish their goals on your site.

  2. You don’t care about growing your email list. Lots of people think that if they are sending out a monthly newsletter they don’t need to grow their email list. That’s old school thinking. Capturing someone’s email address gives you permission to market to them further with special offers, new products, or unique content as you launch them. And those you can create in just a few minutes to drive return visitors to your site.

  3. Your sales are already more than you can handle. Awesome, proceed as planned.

  4. You’ve already got a “contact us” or “subscribe” form on your site. Passive forms can definitely help you grow your list, but they are very limited in what they can do. For example, the person who comes to your page, looks around quickly, and is ready to leave is as good as gone with a static form. With a pop up using exit intent, you can capture their email and start building the relationship. And you can speak directly to their situation in the process.

  5. You don’t know how to install them. Okay, that’s fair. Good news, we’ve built Privy to be so easy that you can launch your first Privy campaign for free in under 6 minutes with no IT involvement.

So, no more excuses. Start using pop-ups to grow your business today.

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