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Wait, did that work?

By Josh Mendelsohn
1 minute read

Why thank you pages and autoresponders inspire confidence

I’m a proud marketing nerd. So where some people might hesitate to fill out a form, I know what I am getting myself into and am happy to get “future communications” from companies I like in exchange for content or a special offer. But I also know that sometimes forms don’t work correctly. So, when I enter my information and nothing happens I get nervous. (Both that i didn’t actually submit my information and that a marketing manager is blissfully going about their day wondering why they aren’t getting new contacts.)

Here are three easy ways to make sure your new contacts are confident that your form worked:

1. Use a pop-up thank you: There is no more obvious way to know that a form has worked than to explicitly say “thanks” with a pop up. If you’re offering a discount, you can include the offer code in your thank you page and a link to a featured product. If you’re sending people to a piece of content, add a button with a link. You’ll want to say thanks without slowing down people’s ability to move on to their next task.

2. Redirect to a piece of content: If you are enticing visitors to your site to sign up for an exclusive piece of content, don’t make them wait once they have completed your form. Send them to that amazing coupon, awesome video or powerful eBook you spent so much time thinking about. Pro tip: If you’re sending them off of your core website (e.g., a pdf file or youtube) have the link open in a new window.

3. Send an autoresponder email with a link or coupon: Even if you’ve done both of the above, I always like to get an email from the business with a more permanent version of the coupon or piece of content that I requested. Your email should speak directly to the offer that someone too you up on both in the body of the email and the subject line.

“Here is your 30% off Coupon”

“Your Copy of Privy’s List Growth eBook”

“Thanks for signing up for my email list”

You get the idea. This way you are reinforcing the message, giving new contacts a permanent way to return to your site, and creating a second positive brand impression.  And you’re not leaving people wondering “did that work?”

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