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Introducing Cart Targeting for Squarespace Commerce

By Josh Mendelsohn
0 minute read

We're really excited to announce that as of today, Squarespace users on the Privy Commerce or Growth plans can now target specific messages to users based on the value of a visitor's shopping cart. As someone actively working in ecommerce, you know that roughly 60% of carts will be abandoned. You also know that capturing those people with a pop up message or special offer before they leave is critical to growing your business. 

Here's how it works (it's super easy):

When you're building a new campaign in Privy, click on Audience Targeting in the design step. Then choose Cart Value and the amount you want to target based on using the greater than, less than, etc. For example, say you want to target a special message to visitors with $100 or more worth of products in their cart, you would click cart value, greater than or equal to, and type in $100.

That's it. Once your campaign is live only those people will get your message.

Note: Privy also offers cart targeting for Shopify, Weebly, WooCommerce, and Magento.

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