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Four Awesome Hidden Features in the Privy Campaign Designer

By Josh Mendelsohn
1 minute read

The Privy designer is built so you can launch a campaign in under 6 minutes, which is great for anyone just getting started. But with a little bit of effort you can take your campaigns to a whole new level.  

Here are four of my favorite hidden features:

1. Use an image as your background: When I first started using Privy I was just adding images on top of what was already in my design template. But way better than that is using an actual image as your background. Simply go to “Edit Background,” and click “Image” in the popup design step to upload files and choose files for your background. And if you need high quality, free images check out Burst from Shopify or Pixabay.

2. Change the size of your popup:  You can easily resize your popup by once again clicking “Edit Background” in the popup design step and using the sliders to make changes. That way you can take over the whole screen for major announcements like a new product line or an awesome discount.

3. Automatically center your content. If you’re like me, you like to move the various elements of your campaign around to see what they’ll look like. Sometimes that means things like text boxes and form fields get out of alignment. Clicking “center element” solves that problem automatically.

4. Design a popup without a form:  This is great if you want to announce a new product and get your visitors shopping right away. Simply disable the form in the the “Form” step or delete the element in the design stage. Bonus tip: Include a button that will take visitors exactly where you want them to go.

What are your favorite “hidden” Privy features?

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