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Crafting the Best Signup Forms for E-Commerce Funnel Success

By Sam Goodnow
4 minute read

Fuel your e-commerce funnel with effective email list growth tools and tactics

E-commerce and email go together like milk and cookies, copy and paste, and any other complementary duo you can think of – and for a good reason.

Imagine your ecommerce site as a brick and mortar store. An email address is almost the same as a customer looking around your store – except better, because you get to continue communicating with them on a regular basis into the future.

When a potential customer signs up to receive email communications from you, they are expressing explicit interest in your brand and what you have to offer. Plus, they are allowing you an unprecedented opportunity to deliver quality email communications to them; an opportunity that, as a marketer, you know is your chance to convert this subscriber into a satisfied customer.

Acquiring new customers can be expensive and time consuming, but once you’ve established the best ways to attract potential customers to your site, you can make use of targeted opt-in forms to take the next step with site visitors. Personalized forms and targeted messaging will allow you to start the relationship with more customers, effortlessly.

There are a few effective ways to engage viewers when they come to your site that will help you convert your target audience into email subscribers, and then ultimately into customers. Here are a few best practices to help you get a head start on growing an email list full of future customers.

Talk directly to your target customers

You’ve worked hard to grow your ecommerce traffic, so you don’t want to squander these efforts by letting potential customers visit your site, only to never return again. Using an effective email collection method, be it a popup, banner, or tab, is a great start. Providing an easy opportunity for customers to join your email list gives you a chance to connect with these visitors again in the future.

But what takes your opt-in forms to the next level? Thoughtfully crafted messaging.

First and foremost, your ‘Sign up for our newsletter!’ welcome banner may be more appealing to potential customers when it is designed to match your branding, and your messaging matches the tone of your business. For example, if your brand image is fun and light hearted, feel free to use a witty phrase or even snarky messaging.

Or if your brand is more serious, a simple ‘Join our email list for weekly articles’ might suffice. Just like the copy on your website, your opt-in form is another touch point for customers to get to know your brand, which is why it should continue to carry on your branding.

Get them to sign up

Beyond brand messaging, opt-in displays offer a new opportunity to incentivize customers to make a purchase by offering them a coupon.

Whether it’s a welcome popup or a time-delayed banner that displays after a visitor has been browsing your site for a set amount of time, a viewer is more inclined to join your email list when you provide clearly defined benefits. In exchange for their email, you could offer exclusive content, access to deals, or a traditional percentage off their first or next person.

Of all of the different designs, timing, and messaging you can try for your opt-in forms, offering something of value makes the biggest impact in effectively growing your email list.

If the invitation to join your list did not work at first or you want to take a different approach, you can trigger an exit-intent popup as an effort to get their email address before they leave your site. This is another opportunity to offer something of value to them, so up the ante a bit with a discount or clever messaging to really make an impact. This potential customer might never return to your site again, so it’s worth a final shot.

Get to know your potential customers

While joining your email list is already a great indication that a subscriber is interested in what you have to offer, you still don’t know much about them or what it will take to get them to make a purchase.  However, you can make the job a bit easier for yourself, even before ever sending them an email.

For example, if you are using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website, you could use an opt-in banner specific to those viewers that relates to the content of the ad. When those viewers join your email list, you now know a few things about them you can use in building your relationship with them through email, and ultimately leading them to purchase.

Using any attributes you can to personalize the experience for certain segments of site traffic means you’ll already know more about these subscribers when they sign up. Then, by saving them in separate email list segments, you can easily tailor communications for them in the future. This will be much more effective in converting them to a customer, versus just mass emailing all of your subscribers the same deals or newsletters and hoping what works for one customer will work for the rest.

For example, if a subscriber clicked an ad for a sweater, and entered their email in the popup where you offered 15% off sweaters … well, you now know what type of clothing they are interested in and can send relevant emails to them down the line.

By converting your site traffic into email subscribers, you’re immediately beginning your relationship with quality potential customers. Keep the conversation going by sending specific follow up emails and you’ll be turning otherwise wasted site traffic into customers in no time.


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