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Conversio + Privy - engage and convert your subscribers

Automated marketing tools and your email list are a match made in e-commerce heaven. As a small business marketer, you don't have time to be manually growing your email list and following up with every subscriber, which is why together, Conversio and Privy will do the work for you. 

Use Privy's powerful list growth tools to build your subscriber list, and then follow up using Conversio's all-in-one marketing dashboard. 

Conversio has always offered effective receipt and reminder emails for your existing customer base, but their latest tools also let you target prospective customers, so you can engage your new sign ups and turn them into first time buyers. 

We’ve teamed up with the Conversio team for a special offer for all Privy customers. Save 25% on 3 months on Conversio Premium with the code GETPRIVY! 

If you're brand new to using Conversio, just ping the Conversio support team when you are signing up so they can manually apply the discount for you :)

Posted by Sam Goodnow




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