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[Infographic] Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017, By the Numbers

By Josh Mendelsohn
2 minute read

With Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend in the books for 2017, it’s time to take a look at what happened and what you can do going forward this holiday season.

On Shopify sites alone, more than $1B in sales occurred over the weekend. Brands on BigCommerce saw an average sales increase of 21%. And according to Adobe Digital Insights, American shoppers spent a record $5 billion in the 24 hours that make up Black Friday. That marks a 16.9% increase in dollars spent online compared with Black Friday 2016.

We dove into our own data to pull out a few key takeaways from what we saw across the thousands and thousands of sites using Privy. Take a look at the infographic below and read on for our key takeaways.

  1. Privy campaigns helped drive over 4.5M orders over the course of the weekend. That’s a lot of transactions that started with a sign up or discount delivered via pop ups, banners, bars, and more. And the holiday shopping season is just beginning!

  2. The BFCM hype is real. We saw a 100% increase in web traffic to our user sites as compared to the prior weekend and a 43% increase in sign ups.

  3. Cyber Monday is still a thing. With BFCM sales starting earlier in the week for many retailers, there were questions about whether Cyber Monday was still an important part of the ecommerce landscape. We saw that yes, Cyber Monday is still alive and kicking with page views almost equal to Black Friday’s—Black Friday was 1.8% higher—and sign ups just a little bit lower at 7%.

  4. Mobile shopping rules the day. Mobile devices accounted for 63.22% of traffic and 66.23% of signups. If you’re not running mobile-specific on site displays, you’re missing out!

  5. Thanksgiving is a major player for the big weekend. While traffic and sign ups on Thanksgiving weren’t at the Black Friday and Cyber Monday levels, they were just about equal to the Saturday and Sunday of the big weekend. This means that shoppers are no longer waiting to get going and searching online for the best deals before they're done digesting that pumpkin pie.

  6. Time-based campaigns are the most used. Privy users saw the most sign ups come from on-site campaigns using time-based triggers (77.6%), followed by exit intent (17.14%), and scrolling (5.15%).

  7. Pop ups are used above all others for sign ups. Over 77% of sign ups for Privy users were delivered by pop up displays, with 13.26% coming from mobile bars, 6.29% coming from flyouts, 2.02% coming from bars, 1% from Spin to Win games, and less than 1% from banner displays.

What does this mean for you?

Even with all the hype, don’t forget that it’s still early in the holiday shopping season. Here are three actions you should take based on what we saw over the past weekend.

  1. Get your mobile house in order. Set up a mobile-specific campaign on your site to capture the mobile traffic coming your way and turn visitors into subscribers.

  2. Change up your campaign. Give people a new offer to entice them to return to your site and shop or buy again.

  3. Stand out from the crowd. Try something other than a pop up to generate sign ups and customers on your site, like a Spin to Win game.

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