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Privy Roundup: Features Released in August and September

By Josh Mendelsohn
3 minute read

Since our last product update, we've been busy releasing features and fixing bugs. Here is a roundup of everything new in the Privy platform for August and September 2017:

1. New Popup, Flyout, Banner, Spin to Win, and Bar Templates: We’ve added almost 400 new conversion-focused templates with beautiful designs aimed at use cases like getting signups, offering discounts and free gifts, promoting new content and free shipping, and much more. Take a peek at the gallery below:

2. New Landing Page Templates: We’ve also added over a dozen new landing page templates designed specifically for contact sales pages and taking event registrations. Check out a few of them below:

3. Click Tracking in Reports. If you're including text- or button-based links in your Privy campaigns, it’s easy to see which links drive the most engagement and which campaigns generate the most clicks.  Read how it works here.

4. Add Links to Your Images: Turn your images into clickable links in your campaigns just by pasting your URL into the campaign elements sidebar. Learn how to do it here.

5. New Email Integrations: Our integrations team has been busy! We now support out of the box email integrations for iContact and SendPulse and custom integrations with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Retention Science.

6. Numerous Bug Fixes and Enhancements:  We’ve fixed tons of bugs and made usability improvements across the Privy experience, including a better font size picker and the ability to resize images while maintaining the correct aspect ratio.

That’s all for now. If you need help or have questions you can always check out our help docs at help.privy.com or contact support at support@privy.com.

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