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3 Brands That Inspire Us for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By Kayla Lewkowicz
3 minute read

It’s that time of year again—we’re gearing up for a super awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday with our Black Friday Bootcamp. If you're looking to crush this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, sign up to see these posts in your inbox each week from now until Thanksgiving.

This week, we’re showcasing a few brands with campaigns we think are great and that anyone can try. Watch the video below or keep reading to see some of our favorites:

Black Friday Inspiration


1. Chicken and Rice Guys

Alright, first up: Chicken and Rice Guys. If you’re from Boston like us, you probably have a special place in your heart for this food truck/restaurant. The garlic sauce is basically drinkable it’s so good. But more importantly, they’re using some creative campaigns to drive people into their brick-and-mortar locations.

For example, to announce the return of their food truck to different locations around Boston, they’re giving away a select number of meals on one day only. What we love about this campaign is that it’s simple and to the point, with messaging directed at the specific neighborhoods where the food truck will be. It proves you don’t have to get super fancy with your campaign to build something impactful.


2. Furbo Dog Camera

Next, we’ll look at Furbo Dog Camera. This is a cool little device that allows dog owners to stay connected to their furry friends when they’re not around, even giving them treats!

What we love about this brand is how they really use audience targeting to their advantage. They’ve put together different campaigns based on country, the current page a user is viewing, and by device so they can speak directly to their customer.

This campaign, run for the U.S.-only, appears only after someone has scrolled through 50% of the page, so there’s some level of interest. We love the way they’ve made this message close to their brand and kept it super targeted.

You can see how they’re also using geotargeting to send a completely different message to their Japanese users.

3. Thalia Capos

Finally, Thalia Capos is an online retailer that specializes in custom guitar picks and capos. What’s cool about their campaigns is how they’re creating tailored messages for their customer based on where they are in the buying process.

For instance, the first time anyone lands on their website, they show this welcome message:

Totally easy to understand and gives a nice offer to help turn the first visit into a first purchase. They’re also using one of our favorite types of campaigns, the cart saver, to recover lost purchases before carts are ever abandoned.

By offering a coupon code right at the time when people may need a little encouragement to purchase, you can tip the scales in your favor.

Now that you’re inspired, get out there and try it for yourself! Play around with a few new types of campaigns and get creative with language or images.

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