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How to personalize notification and confirmation emails on Shopify with Spently


Spently helps businesses increase revenue from existing customers after each purchase, with an email platform designed for your retail shop. While newsletters are important, Spently enables retail marketers to also take advantage of the underdeveloped opportunity to use email notifications to influence the next purchase occasions. Below, we will outline features and best practices for using Spently with your Shopify store. 

Email Notifications:

Spently is currently the only app in the Shopify App Store to support all the email notifications your customers receive. These are existing emails your customers get after every purchase, but come standard in plain text. With Spently, you’re able to create templates and track these emails, giving your store a more sophisticated look, and your customers a shopping experience that extends beyond the purchase. 

These are the email notifications on Shopify you can customize with Spently to include branding and promotions: 

 Order Confirmations
 POS e-Receipts
Abandoned Checkout Emails
 Shipping Confirmations
 Shipping Updates
 Order Cancellations
 Gift Card Notifications
 Customer Activation Emails
 Customer Welcome Emails
 Password Reset
 Refund Notification

Enhanced email notifications also provide great up-sell and cross-sell opportunities compared to standard email notifications in plain text. Researchers have found that enhanced email notifications offer up to a 600% increase in clicks, up to a 125% increase in transactions, and up to a 360% increase in revenue per email. 

Personalized Content:

Using Spently’s ‘Smart Ad’ component on your Order Confirmation email template, you’re able to configure cross-promotions within the email based on what was just purchased. For example, if a customer purchases a t-shirt, you can show an ad for a matching hat, and vice versa. By providing targeted recommendations, you’re able to increase your click rate and the potential for a repeat sale. We’re able to do this by pulling in your product inventory from Shopify, giving you an easy way to put your data to good use! 

Email Campaigns + Privy:

Spently automatically syncs all customer emails from your Shopify store so you can use your list to segment groups and send email campaigns. You can easily segment based on how much they’ve spent, where they are located, and a number of other parameters using your data. With Privy’s popup forms, you’re now also able to gather signups and send them to your Spently dashboard to continue to grow your list. We understand that it’s important to market to existing customers, but it’s also important to capture the contacts of potential customers, making this an exciting opportunity for our users. 

Our partnership with Privy helps make Spently the go-to email app for those on Shopify who want to manage all of their store’s emails with one easy-to-use platform.

This post is written by Vincent Panepinto, Co-founder at Spently.  Spently helps businesses use email to build customer relationships after every purchase. Spently is a Privy partner and has a Shopify app

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