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Academy Level 2-Section 3

The Art of the Email Series

In Level 1, we gave a brief overview of Autoresponders and how you can use them to engage new subscribers, but now let’s go a little bit further to talk about what comes next.  While it would be nice to send a personal note to everyone who signs up, the reality is that for most us that is just not a possibility.  

Good news! Automation is your friend and using basic automated email series can be an incredibly powerful way to drive purchases from your ecommerce store, warm your sales leads up for a rep, or to tell your brand’s story over an extended period of time. In fact, companies using marketing automation see 53% higher conversion rates than non-users, and an annualized revenue growth rate 3.1% higher than non-users, according to consulting firm the Aberdeen Group.

So, while marketing automation may sound complicated, it actually doesn’t need to be. Anyone can set up an email series directly in Privy in just a few minutes.

For each campaign you're running, you're likely using a clear call to action encouraging people to sign up. In some cases, it’s general interest. In others, it’s a coupon or special deal. And in still others it’s an exclusive series of content.  Those offers are a great starting point to start thinking about what would be included in an email series.

In this section, we’ll look at three kinds of email series you can use to grow your business and make the most out of your new contacts.

We'll start with our first type of series, a reminder to redeem a coupon.

Academy Level 2-Section 3

The Welcome Email Series

When someone signs up for your email list, they're basically saying they want to get to know you and your business. Even if they have signed up to get a coupon or an exclusive piece of content, they still are giving you permission to introduce yourself and what you are all about. While you could do this all in a single email, or assume that they will read your entire website, we find that a Welcome Series is a much more effective way to build a relationship from the outset instead of waiting for that first email newsletter to arrive. 

What to Include in a Welcome Series

Just like a coupon reminder series, your emails should be easy to consume (i.e. short and single column). And they should be spaced out so you don’t overwhelm people into unsubscribing.  

Before you launch your series, it’s worth planning out the whole thing and thinking about a goal, such as driving at least one return visit to your site or coming into a physical location if you have one. It’s also a great way to learn about what they might want to hear from you down the line.

To that end, here is a basic framework you can adapt to your business:

*There are lots of free or low-cost survey tools you can try like SurveyMonkey or ConstantContact Survey.

Next, we'll talk about another email series that's worth creating to give your subscribers a gentle nudge toward redeeming their coupon.

Academy Level 2-Section 3

The Coupon Reminder Email Series

Every good marketing activity starts with the goal in mind. You’ve gotten a visitor to your site to sign up for your emails in exchange for a discount of some kind and now you want to drive them to their first purchase. While it’s tempting to do the email version of screaming,  “Buy Now! Buy Now!” at them, that’s not generally a winning strategy.  

Instead, pace yourself. Build out a series of four emails designed to drive to that first purchase.

What to Include in a Coupon Reminder Series

Your emails should be easy to consume (think short and single column) and have a clear call to action as well as the coupon code that they originally signed up for. And they should be spread apart by a few days to make sure you’re not overwhelming them with too much, too soon.

Before you send any email, it’s worth planning out the whole series. Here is a basic framework you can adapt to your business:

Note: You’ll want this series to end once the coupon is redeemed. This happens automatically if you are sending your reminder series from Privy.

Next, we'll look at another email series that is worth your while if your visitors aren't quite ready to buy: The Content Nurture Email Series.

Academy Level 2-Section 3

The Content Nurture Email Series

Offering exclusive content is a great way to generate sign ups for your email list. And it’s a great way to qualify leads. A content download means that the reader is probably interested in the topic that you're writing about. They've given you the opportunity to earn their trust as a thought leader.

For businesses with a sales team, it is very tempting to have a rep reach out directly to everyone who downloads a piece of content right away. But there is a strong argument for creating a content nurture series of emails that go further to build credibility and warm up a prospect before ever talking to a sales rep. It also demonstrates that you care about delivering valuable education and advice and aren’t going to aggressively sell them products or services before they're ready.

What to Include in a Content Nurture Email Series

Below is a suggested series of emails you can customize for your business that helps build the road from cold lead to ready to talk:

Now that you've set up various email series, it's time to really optimize your website. In Lesson 3, we'll dive deeper into the world of ecommerce to give you a set of frameworks and tools to make sure your online store is ready for the big leagues.


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