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Tying Your Ad Messages to Your On-site Campaigns

If you’re spending money driving traffic to your website or online store with Facebook, Google, or Instagram ads, there is a good chance you have a very targeted message. You know exactly who you want to reach and where you want to send them. In order to get the most return on your ad spend, you should be matching your advertising messages with the messages that a visitor sees when they land on your site.

Making Sure Your Messages Match

The two main components of message matching are:

  • Connecting your headlines
  • Connecting your calls-to-action

For your headline, it makes the most sense to use the exact same words so that a visitor knows that they have come to the right place. This is easily done with Facebook and Google. For Instagram, you’ll want to make sure your headline is directly related to whatever the text in the caption or overlaid on the image was.

The second component of message matching is your call-to-action. Whatever offer was in your ad—whether that is a discount, a chance to learn more, or some piece of content—it should be the primary offer that someone sees when they click through to your site.


Building The Right Click-Through Message

To do this, there are two primary options.

  • Landing Pages: One is to create a unique landing page for each ad or set of ads you might be running. With a landing page, you have a unique URL that you can point point your ads. You’ll also have more room to write and tell a complex story that leads to an on-site submission.
  • Pop-Ups: The second is to create targeted pop-ups and overlays that speak directly to the content of your ad without bloating your website.With a pop-up or overlay message, you can target your campaign based on the exact URL someone visits and include your UTM codes in that message. Pop-ups and overlays are best suited for simpler messages or a special offer. 

Next, we'll talk about how to tie your campaigns to your ads with UTM codes.

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