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Promote an Event

Another great way to use “no-form" campaign is to create a flyout or banner that promotes upcoming events—like a webinar or an in-store tasting—where you want people to register in advance.  

What to Think About When Promoting an Event

Make it easy

The key here is very similar to what we talked about for flash sales. You’ll want to make it easy for people to know why they should attend and how to register using a clear call-to-action button that links directly to your registration page.

Be intentional with timing and targeting

You’ll also want to think about the most appropriate time to promote the event. Generally, someone on their first visit hasn’t been “sold enough” to commit to a block of time, but people who have come back a few times are a great target. Similarly, you don’t want to interrupt someone who has come to accomplish a task or is in the process of making a purchase (don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal!)

How to Implement an Event Promotion Campaign

At Privy, we recently wanted to promote an upcoming webinar to our users but didn’t want to interrupt anyone who was in the process of creating a campaign from accomplishing their task.

With audience targeting, we excluded any URL where someone could be doing one of those critical actions and only showed the flyout to people who had been to our site at least 4 times. That way, we knew they were invested in our brand enough that they'd probably want to hear more and wouldn't be annoyed by our message.

The message itself led with the title, included the date and had a large button that told people how to register and linked right to the registration page. Nice and clean, but not overwhelming. And we re-sized the flyout background so we could easily re-use an image that was promoting the event elsewhere.

Now that we've covered everything you need to know about "no-form" campaigns, it's time to turn our attention to what to do after you send out your campaign. In Section 3, we'll tackle putting together a cohesive email series that will increase conversion without annoying your newfound subscribers.


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