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Make an Announcement

Announcement campaigns can let your entire audience know about something important going on for your brand. Using a simple bar at the top or bottom of the page can get your message in front of everyone who needs to see it. Just use these sparingly so that frequent visitors don’t tune them out.

How to Set Up an Announcement Campaign

To set this up in Privy:

  1. Turn off the option to use forms.
  2. Choose a bar campaign as your display type.
  3. Set your audience targeting to show to everyone (if applicable), timing as immediately, and no limit to the amount of times a user would see it.
  4. Schedule the campaign to run as long as the announcement is relevant.

When to Use Announcements

If something out of the ordinary is happening, use announcements proactively inform them before it becomes a support issue. For example, you might want to let people know if a product is out of stock, your support team is not available, or you are planning for some system downtime.

Next, we'll talk about another "no-form" campaign that's only relevant for a specific period of time: Promoting your events.


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