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Grow Your Social Following

Social media is pretty important to your business: It helps build your brand and drives people back to your site. But most of us rely on some subtle social buttons at the bottom of our sites to encourage people to join our social following.

Instead of hoping they'll find those buttons, you can be proactive. Using a flyout to encourage people to follow you is a great way to drive interest among your visitors without spending money on social advertising.

How to Build a Social Following Campaign

In general, these campaigns work best when you have someone who has already shown real interest in what you do.

One way we've used this at Privy is through the flyout display type. We set up a flyout campaign that is only shown to people who have signed up through a prior campaign and have visited the site 3 or more times.

That way we know that they care and that they are ready to invest more in a relationship with our brand. 

Keep these designs really simple, basically bringing those same follow buttons in your website's footer up front and center for your visitor to actually take action on them.

Messaging like, "Let's get social!" or, "Come say hello on social," are easy asks for people that are already pretty interested in your brand.

Next, we'll talk about ways you can use other display types to make announcements or other campaigns relevant to your entire  audience.

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