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How and Why to Create A Free Sample/Bonus Product Campaign

Every campaign doesn't have to offer a discount. If your business doesn't believe in discounts, but you're still looking for ways to encourage people to sign up or make a purchase, you can offer up a free sample or a bonus gift instead.

Even if you do believe in discounts, you may want to run an A/B test on your offer to see what converts best and is most profitable for you.

This type of campaign can be very effective when someone is new to your site and showing some degree of interest. For that reason, we would combine a popup display, page targeting, a time-based trigger and a master coupon code. 

How to Build a Free Sample/Bonus Product Campaign

Step 1: Choose Your Display Type

Create a new campaign with a pop up display type.

Step 2: Customize

Customize your text to speak directly speak to what your shopper is experiencing. Something like, “Get a free gift with your first purchase." Be sure to be specific about the gift or free sample and include a product image if it makes sense for your business model.

Step 3: Choose Your Timing

Choose timing as your pop up trigger and set it for at least 15 seconds so the visitor has a chance to see your products.

Step 4: Choose Your Targeting

Set your audience targeting to show the campaign only when a visitor is on one of your product pages. That way you know they're at least somewhat interested in what you have to offer.

Step 5: Create a Coupon

Add a Master Coupon Code to your campaign so your customers can redeem the offer.

Step 6: Don't Forget to Say Thank You

Customize the thank you page so that it shows your coupon code and includes a button to complete the purchase.

Now that we've covered a targeted campaigns to capture email addresses, let's look at some that don't use capture forms at all.


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