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How and Why to Create a Cart Saver Campaign

As an online merchant, there is nothing more frustrating than knowing that someone has made it all the way to checkout in your store and then they decide to walk away without pressing the buy button. In Level 3, we’ll get into the details of cart value-based targeting and cart abandonment emails, but to start, there is a very simple tactic you can use to help reduce the number of people who get close to purchase and then disappear. We call it the Cart Saver. 

Cart Savers combine exit-intent triggers with a pop up display, page targeting, and a special offer to make sure that you’re taking your best shot to make a sale, every time.

How to Build an Effective Cart Saver

Step 1

Create a new campaign with a pop up display type.

Step 2

Customize your text to speak directly to what your shopper is experiencing. Something like “Wait! Complete your order today and get 10% off your purchase.”

Step 3

Choose exit intent as your pop up trigger and how often you want to show a single user the pop up. We recommend no more than once a day as a starting point.

Step 4

Set your audience targeting to show the campaign only when a visitor is on your checkout page.

Step 5

Add a Master Coupon Code or set of Unique Coupon Codes to your campaign.

Step 6

Customize the thank you page so that it shows your coupon code and includes a button to complete the purchase.

That’s it!

These campaigns are relatively simple to execute and can deliver huge increases in sales because they drive urgency, deliver value to your shopper, and are targeted specifically to that exact point in the customer journey.

Next, we'll take you through another popular conversion tactic: The Blog Sign Up.


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